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Équipe Peter Malouf

"To ensure our quality of life"

A 20-year Comprehensive Master Urban Plan for Our Garden city

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The stakes are high for the future in the November 2021 municipal election. 


Équipe Peter Malouf is committed to ensuring the quality of life in TMR, to prudent and transparent fiscal governance, and most importantly, to responsible urban planning that considers our needs, and  related environmental and social impacts.

Our experienced team of urban planning, environment, law, business, government relations and engineering professionals will conduct a thorough review of the current urban plan adopted in 2017.​

A 20-year Comprehensive Urban Plan  


This renewed urban planning tool will be the cornerstone of our vision for the next 20 years.


This strategic document will :

  • Determine and specify the optimal size in terms of densification that we want for our city


  • Evaluate existing and projected infrastructures and assess the capacity of our road network


  • Clearly identify the heritage status of our historic buildings  


  • Review and modify all related by-laws including zoning,  construction, PPU, issuance of permits, etc. in alignment with the new sustainable urban plan.

Criteria and objective standards and targets to guide new development :


  • The rights of homeowners in proximity to the projects;


  • Land deemed acceptable for the construction of senior housing;


  • Legitimate green space definitions; 


  • Assessment of wind and shadow impacts from high-rise buildings

Équipe Peter Malouf will propose a citizen participation approach.


Citizens will be invited to share their expertise and express their opinions.


They will be able to participate in major consultations and intimate discussion groups with elected officials and the municipal administration to focus the main issues in our Garden City.

Our revised urban plan will identify :

  • The primary development guidelines for our garden city;


  • best uses for the land and the density of its occupation;

  • The preservation of our heritage.


Our revised urban plan will consider current trends in demographic and social change and measure:


  • The growing need for schools and recreational services for young families ;


  • The housing needs of seniors which reflects, in a post-COVID reality, the desire for our seniors to consider age-at-home options and alternatives to dense retirement centers;

  • The trend of self-employed people working from home and the impact on the business community ;


  • The future impact of approximately 550 trains per day from the REM and the consequences for local residents;


  • The urgent needs of homeowners to ensure the sustainable home maintenance;


  • The influence of external urban densification on our city;


  • The need for increased visibility and responsiveness of the Public Safety Department.


Any significant increase in our population, with direct or indirect needs beyond our municipal control, inevitably imposes difficult adjustments on our security, fire and school systems, all of which could be quickly overwhelmed.


The radical changes have major consequences on traffic flow, schools, infrastructure and municipal services.


Main issues for 20 Year Master Urban Plan:




Prior to the issuance of a building permit, any new construction project proposed by a developer must include an impact assessment of existing roadway traffic and a plan proposing appropriate mitigation measures.




TMR benefits financially from the economically vibrant Royalmount industrial area. We strongly support this relationship. However, Équipe Peter Malouf is opposed to residential development. Residential housing does not mix well with industrial or processing buildings.



Rockland Centre, in its current form, is no longer viable. The multi-level parking structure is in poor condition and many businesses have closed in recent years.


Consumer habits have changed and  the constant traffic congestion in the area deters customers to the center.

We envision a rejuvenated, revitalized and thriving Rockland Shopping Centre.  To support the retail initiatives, we will address the persistent traffic congestion in the area and promote alternative business models.

We will analyze environmental and traffic studies and convene a public and transparent consultation to measure social impact.  The outcome of these studies and the integration into the 20 Year Master Urban Plan will  influence the viability of low density residential housing.  However, we oppose the construction of giant high-rise buildings in this area.

* Consult  2020 Rockland PPU Traffic Study  - the official 80-page CIMA study for TMR




We will deliver a multi-sport and recreation center within the publicly approved budget and protect our precious green space.


We will strive to meet the diverse needs of the town's families and seniors by providing modern facilities for swimming, soccer, tennis, hockey and other fitness activities.


REM | Réseau express métropolitain


We will lobby CPDQ Infra to obtain the following:


  • An aesthetically pleasing vegetal noise barrier to eliminate the visual and noise pollution that the crossing of the 550 REM trains/day will generate along the rail line;


  • Safe east-west crossings to replace the Lazard/Jasper crossing;

  • Safe and easily accessible bicycle and pedestrian crossings that will span the REM tracks;


  • The reinstallation of the Jasper/Lazard crosswalk over the REM to ensure the safety of students and residents who wish to cross, and thus ensure mobility between the two areas of the city;


  • Strengthening public safety to adequately address the increase in pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the REM stations.



We propose to:


  • Review and study all bus and shuttle locations and related services;  


  • Conduct a comprehensive traffic engineering and road safety study to improve TMR's multi-modal transportation network;

  • Improve incentives to increase active mobility;

  • Require all major construction project submittals to include a traffic impact study and mitigation plan;

  • Reduce traffic congestion in high-traffic areas, particularly around schools, REM stations and major roads;

  • Create new safety corridors to accommodate new traffic patterns in the city;

  • Integrate a reactive intelligent traffic system that automatically adjusts to hourly fluctuations in pedestrian and vehicle traffic demands. 


Équipe Peter Malouf's revised urban plan will take into account all aspects of the city that are essential to the well-being of the municipality in order to guarantee and preserve our quality of life.

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