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Équipe Peter Malouf is looking forward to constructing a new sports and community center in Town of Mount Royal. Our priority is to deliver a multifunctional and modern center.  


We have the expertise and the vision to achieve this while respecting deadlines, budgets and retaining as much green space as possible. The residents of Town of Mount-Royal have the right to a sports and community center to ensure a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Peter J Malouf 2021 VMR Mayoral Candidate - 2021-06-19 (cropped).jpeg



Formerly the owner-operator of a large sports center, Peter Malouf has extraordinary expertise in the development and day-to-day operations of sports facilities.  


Peter created the summer tennis camp programs in several Montreal municipalities, including the one at Mohawk Park in VMR.  


Additionally, since Peter has coached and participated in a wide variety of high performance competitive sports,  he knows how to recognize quality facilities that will meet the needs of our community.


Each member of the Peter Malouf Team brings specific expertise in environmental management, engineering, financial supervision, law, as well as the coordination of major urban planning projects.


The current administration has failed to deliver the $ 33 million version of the sports center as promised in 2016;  


The current administration failed to deliver the oversized $ 48 million version of 2020

  • The rink does not meet the demands of the two hockey and figure skating teams; giving them insufficient ice time to develop their programs


  • Current recreation programs have long waiting lists


  • Children have to go to other municipalities to get basic sports and recreation programs


  • 2,750 new residents have moved to VMR in recent years and our demographics are constantly changing


  • Residents must share the Pierre-Laporte high school swimming pool with students


  • The current recreation center is obsolete and cannot meet the demands of our citizens


  • We have sports facilities (outdoor courts) which are not available during the winter season


  • The administration only got $ 3 million in government grants, which is not enough to pay the excessive fees charged by architectural firms




Despite COVID-19, many cities in Quebec are building their sports centers with significant help from the federal and provincial governments.  


  • Mont-Tremblant received $ 4.3 million for its $ 13 million sports center (33%)


  • Laval received $ 20 million for its aquatic complex estimated at $ 69 million (29%)


  • Sorel-Tracy received $ 18.5 million for its $ 28 million sports center (66%)


  • Town of Mount-Royal received only $ 3 million for a $ 48 million project (6.25%)


Why did the Town of Mount Royal only receive $ 3 million?


Équipe Peter Malouf is committed to:

  • Deliver the new sports center we need


  • Negotiating better government grants


  • Preserve existing green spaces


  • Control budgets and production deadlines


  • Preserve, to the extent possible, the heritage value of existing buildings


  • Review and improve all recreation programs


  • Meeting the interests and needs of families and seniors


Équipe Peter Malouf -  To ensure our quality of life


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