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02 November 2021 | MONT-ROYAL

Équipe Peter Malouf

Open Letter to residents | TMR Post 


(30 minutes plus questions)
Thursday – Nov 4 –  7pm     ENTER  Zoom here

Peter J Malouf 2021 VMR Mayoral Candidate - 2021-06-19 (cropped).jpeg

Bonjour friends and neighbors, 


Over the past six weeks, I have been honoured to meet thousands of residents and to listen to your stories, hopes and frustrations.


You motivate me daily to ‘ensure our quality of life’. 


The most interesting conversations focus on climate change, the new Sport Center, and our team’s non-municipal experience.

Climate change and sustainability must influence all future municipal decisions.


The strategic development of the new Sport Center plan is no exception.


We know that more frequent and intense heat events, high intensity rainfall events, and storm surges are only some of the biophysical, and socioeconomic impacts we can expect from warmer temperatures. 

CLIMATE CHANGE – Our daily reality

We will explore the Green Municipal Fund to accelerate sustainable practices.


We will also connect with the Community Buildings Retrofit (CBR) initiative that helps municipalities retrofit local recreation and cultural buildings to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, extend asset life cycles and achieve significant energy reductions in our community facilities.


Équipe Peter Malouf will consider these realities as part of our 20 year Urban Plan to assure the quality of life of our town. 


We will also engage our young people to help prepare for the impacts of climate change and career development opportunities to encourage careers in green solutions.


These extraordinary climate challenges are why we are fighting to preserve our green space and to enforce sustainable urban development. 


SPORT CENTER – A new vision for a changing world


In their 2016-2021 sports center proposal, Town of Mount Royal did not consider its aging and over-extended recreational facilities or climate change realities.


We have responsibilities toward future generations and need to be much more forward thinking. 


The Town's plan failed to inventory the existing municipal facilities, assets and infrastructures already in place.


A green roof could never offset the destruction of 3.5 acres of irreplaceable green space and outdoor recreational areas. 


Recently, we learned that additional green space will be lost as part of the upcoming expansion of École secondaire Mont-Royal.


We have consulted engineers and architects and envision a more sustainable plan that will revitalize all sports facilities and include the new swimming pool and fitness facilities. 


Our plan contemplates upgrading the Town's exterior pool, repurposing the curling club, investing in the perimeter sports facilities, including the ice arena and basketball court and evaluating the Connaught Park lawn bowling townhouse and pitches.


This Thursday, I will present the Équipe Peter Malouf climate-driven vision for the Sport Center.


We propose modernized sports facilities, increased ice space, year round access to pools and soccer fields; all without the loss of existing green space.


We will make Danyluk Park and the Centre Sportif, the jewels of the Garden City.




Équipe Peter Malouf brings extensive governance experience from outside of the municipality. 


For many years, I served as Board Chair and Vice Chair at The Study School, Marianopolis College and the Montreal Fluency Center. I created multiple multi-year administration strategic plans prioritizing financial prudence and good governance. 


A relentless advocate for student education rights, I helped bring cases to the Supreme Court of Canada on behalf of francophone and allophone families.


Daniel Pilon (District 3) was Director General of the MRC Les Moulins for over 30 years and involved in all aspects of urban planning, land use and transportation. He implemented an efficient and effective public transit system and created an adapted transportation service for people with disabilities and reduced mobility.


Antoine Tayar (District 1) is a former international government and community relations executive for Coca Cola and has extensive leadership experience with local and national Chambers of Commerce. Known as a bridge builder, Antoine seamlessly brings stakeholders from multiple perspectives together to find common solutions. 


Chantal Sabourin (District 5) is an environmental expert in the industrial, railway, maritime and construction fields and has trained North American green teams to assure environmental compliance of facilities.


This is just a small sample of the talent on our team. Town of Mount Royal is essentially a $106M business. My objective is to bring best business practices,  to help motivate town employees and to ensure the quality of life in our community.  


ZOOM THURSDAY 19h00  – Bring your questions 


Please join me Thursday 7pm on Zoom to discuss our vision for TMR’s Sport Center and our future together.


And of course, please be sure to vote this Sunday for the future of our Garden City. 


Peter J Malouf

for Mayor


To ensure our quality of life


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