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Sophie seguin

* former president of  Association of Parents of Mount Royal (2017-21)


Sophie Séguin has a background in actuarial science and an MBA. She has been working in the financial services industry for over 20 years. She began her career in a financial institution, worked with the largest pension plan consultant and put her expertise to work for an insurance company before creating her own consulting firm.


Involved in her community, Sophie has volunteered at Saint-Clément Ouest school and served on the school council. During her four-year term, as President of the Association of parents of Mount-Royal (APMR), Sophie gave a voice to the parents of TMR and reoriented the Association's mission by listening to the needs of citizens while facilitating communication between the city, parents, schools, public safety and the SPVM. The success of the platforms, initiatives and community activities put in place are proof of the work accomplished. Under her leadership, the APMR has implemented public safety and school overcrowding initiatives, while also developing annual surveys.


A townie for 12 years, she is the mother of eight-year-old twins. Recognized for her proactivity and dedication, Sophie joins Équipe Peter Malouf because citizen involvement is of fundamental importance to her. Concerned about the well-being of citizens and the environment, Sophie is committed to assessing the impact of residential density on the environment, schools, services and community infrastructures and to foster the optimal population density for the city's footprint.

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