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12 Septembre 2021 | MONT-ROYAL

Communiqué de presse pour diffusion immédiate





– Peter Malouf


Équipe Peter Malouf opposes residential housing in the Royalmount industrial sector.  We recognize the value of revitalizing this sector, however, we do not believe that residential housing should be part of that process. 


For reasons of urban planning and above all because of health risks, we do not think residential housing can coexist with industrial manufacturing in this sector. 


Équipe Peter Malouf takes our responsibility for due diligence seriously. Applying their professional expertise in urban planning, environment, law, government relations and multiple engineering disciplines, our candidates studied the issues from all angles in great depth and listened attentively to the opinions and concerns of families, friends and neighbors.  


We consulted with traffic specialists and business owners in the Royalmount area; reviewed extensive public analysis materials made available by the city of Montreal, Carbonleo and the municipality of TMR as well as presentations by neighboring municipalities; participated and asked questions at numerous Carbonleo consultations, (including the consultation presented by Town of Mount Royal with Carbonleo on June 22, 2021). 


Équipe Peter Malouf recently declined an invitation for a private meeting with the developer Carbonleo at their Royalmount offices.   However, as non-elected members of the community, we felt it more important to avail ourselves to all public reports and consultation presentations, that any resident or public official would have access to. Furthermore, as CEO of Carbonleo Andrew Lutfy himself posted on Facebook June 14, “the town has 5X more information than is needed at this juncture”.




The 3,250 unit Royalmount residential project would increase the town’s population by 24% (adding approximately 5,200 new residents to our current population of 22,000). This radical change to our small integrated community cannot be made casually. How will adding some 5,200 new residents impact our schools, recreation programs, services, parks, libraries, traffic and community infrastructure?


We believe it is urgent to determine the optimal population that can be sustained comfortably within our physical environment prior to approving irreversible zoning changes. Therefore, Équipe Peter Malouf will develop a revised 10 year strategic Urban Plan to balance the needs of our residential, commercial and industrial sectors and engage in meaningful consultation with residents about the future of our Garden City.  




Numerous health studies in North America and Europe show that living near highways and factories is linked to an increased risk of Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders. 


There is sufficient corroborating evidence to question the ethics of building residential developments adjacent to the 15/40 interchange - one of the most congested intersections in Canada.


Locally, CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l'Île-de-Montréal has identified many concerns associated with construction along major highways, including high noise levels and pollution from cars, light trucks and heavy trucks.   




The Royalmount sector was strategically located as an industrial zone on the outskirts of our residential community to generate revenue for our town. For decades, this relationship has been very profitable and it is in our interest to maintain the health of the industrial sector.


Studies show that the coexistence of industrial and residential has rarely proven to be successful and frequently, municipalities receive demands to accommodate the needs of newly-arrived residents interfere with the industrial partners ability to operate their businesses, resulting in our industrial partners being forced to relocate taking their jobs and stable tax revenues with them. 


On the basis of the evidence, we are convinced that to ensure the quality of life in TMR, it is essential to oppose residential housing in Royalmount.


Our quality of life is not for sale.


Équipe Peter Malouf :

Mayoral Candidate | Peter J. Malouf,  Business owner and community leader 


District No. 1 | Antoine Tayar, Communications and government relations 


District No. 2 | Maryam Kamali Nezhad, Hydraulics engineer


District No. 3 | Daniel Pilon, Municipal urban planner (retired)


District No.4 |  Marc Debargis, Financial management consultant 


District No. 5 | Chantal Sabourin, Environmental expert  


District No. 6 | Sarah Morgan, Mechanical engineers


District No. 7 | Robert Tannous, Lawyer


District No. 8 | Sophie Séguin, Actuarial consultant

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