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Rockland Center, in its current form, is no longer viable.


Its multi-level parking is in poor condition. Consumer shopping patterns have changed,and many businesses have closed their doors in recent years.

The endless Rockland traffic blocks access for shoppers and deters local shopping. 


We imagine a rejuvenated, revitalized and thriving Rockland Center.

Chronic traffic jams 

Our first priority is to find solutions to the chronic traffic jams in this sector, the causes of which are essentially external. 

The prolonged construction of the REM, the endless construction projects and the traffic redirected by WAZE to our city created a traffic crisis on Rockland, from Jean-Talon to the metropolitan highway. 

Équipe Peter Malouf will conduct a comprehensive study to measure overall volumes, travel time models and promote the presence of police surveillance to improve fluidity.

We will seek short and long term solutions with adjacent municipalities to redefine the traffic pattern and promote new transportation options. Solutions may include synchronizing traffic lights and flashing stop signs.

We will conduct public and transparent consultations, analyze the traffic sources, conduct environmental and social impact studies,. Only then as part of our 20 year Urban Plan, we will assess the possibility of adding a low density of residential dwellings.  


EPM opposes the construction of giant residential towers.

20-year global master URBAN plan 

The 20 Year Urban Plan  will :

  • Determine and specify the optimal size in terms of densification that we want for our town;


  • Evaluate the infrastructures in place and those planned while respecting the capacity of our road network;


  • Clearly identify the heritage status of existing historic buildings; 


  • Review and modify as necessary related by-laws (zoning, subdivision, construction, SPAIP, PPU, issuance of permits, etc.) according to the new sustainable urban plan.


An integrated plan  develops the necessary objective standards and to set targets and frames new development projects according to the following criteria:

  • The rights of homeowners located near the projects;


  • Land deemed acceptable for the construction of residential buildings for the elderly;


  • Definitions of legitimate green spaces; 


  • Assessment of wind impacts and shadow effects caused by large residential towers

Our 20-year Master Plan will require all developers to prepare for the consequences of traffic and provide traffic plans before zoning approval and building permits are issued.

The Peter Malouf Team will propose a participatory citizen approach.


Together, residents will participate in discussion groups on the main issues of our garden city, accompanied by elected officials and the municipal administration.  


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