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Équipe Peter Malouf November 7 Ville Mont Royal.jpeg

To ensure our quality of life, ÉQUIPE Peter Malouf will:


Build the new Sports and Recreation Center while respecting the allocated budgets and without compromising the existing green spaces.

  • Meet the diverse needs of families and seniors in Town of Mount Royal with modern facilities for swimming, soccer, tennis, hockey and fitness activities.


Oppose residential housing in Royalmount and re-evaluate all current PPUs


Preserve revenues for our municipality and maintain a low level of taxes.

  • Reinvest in our infrastructure, our services and our community activities.


Modernize the city's website to improve the accessibility of municipal services.  

  • Improve the permit and recreation program application process. 

  • Create intelligent tools including a mobile application allowing residents, and in particular the elderly, to access health and well-being resources.


Address safety and security concerns, including residential security and road traffic.

  • Reduce congestion in high traffic areas, in particular around schools, REM stations and major arteries.

  • Increase the visibility of public security to prevent theft and intrusion.


Offer a variety of recreational activities and community programs to encourage healthy lifestyles for residents of all ages.

  • Invest in our parks, playgrounds, public gardens and green spaces in our garden city.

  • Foster spaces for art and culture.


Prioritize the voice of residents and their quality of life.

  • Preserve the architectural heritage and promote energy strategies that respect the environment.


Determine the optimal viable population density for the city's physical footprint.

  • Evaluate the impact of residential density on the environment, schools, community services and infrastructure.  

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