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With professional expertise in financial management, innovation, and good governance, Marc Debargis is a welcome addition to the extensive skills of our team.


Born in France, Marc has lived in Canada since 1977. With a Bachelor's Degree cum Honoribus in Economics and a specialization in Finance, he has worked in the banking sector, the translation industry and business consulting.


Fluent in both French and English, he is particularly attentive to the needs of small and medium-sized business owners.


Active in his community as a volunteer, Marc fosters community engagement and encourages young people to get involved in their municipality, with the aim at improving the social fabric locally and setting the stage for the next generation of leaders.


Prior to running as an independent municipal candidate in 2017, Marc had been Director and Vice-President of the Mount Royal Municipal Association / Association municipale de Mont-Royal for nearly 7 years, and he continues to advocate responsible governance.


Father of six children, Marc has served on both community and school boards.

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