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Climate change requires both personal and municipal commitments.


Our 20 Year Urban Plan will include environmental policies for renewable energy in cars and heating systems and promote geothermal energy, green roofs, and LEED certifications in municipal buildings.

The transition to renewable energy can be expensive.


We will negotiate for municipal discounts and recommend conversions be done during home renovations or when replacing current systems.

We are aware that many areas of Town of Mount Royal – particularly on the eastern side –  do not have access to natural gas. 


We will secure natural gas options throughout the town, prior to requiring that residents convert from oil.

We will encourage local commerce and promote active mobility (bike lanes, Bixi, communauto) to discourage car usage and make climate solutions ‘cool’.


To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we will improve town-wide traffic flow to minimize idling cars and work with local schools to promote bike transportation.

Our Sports Centre plan will defend our precious green space and parks and also renew the value of existing resources.

Our expert Chantal Sabourin (District 5)

completed a Master's degree in environmental science at the Université du Québec à Montréal. 

During her career, she has acted as an environmental expert in the industrial, railway, maritime and construction fields. As part of her duties, Chantal has travelled throughout North America to train her green teams and maintain environmental compliance of facilities.  

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