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TMR District 1 -

Crawl. Stop. Traffic. Nonstop.  


Nearly 2000 friends and families live in District 1 from Beaumont to the edge of the Rockland Center, both sides of Rockland and the full length of Acadie.  


Every day, cars and trucks pack the length of Rockland from Jean Talon to the 40. Google and Waze send external traffic to the middle of TMR.


This is not fair to the innocent families who simply want to get to work, kids to activities or cross the street to Parc Mohawk. 



In October 2020, c ouncillors  Michelle Setlakwe and Joseph Daoura proposed adding approximately 2100 to 2500 new residents (1,400 new residential units) as part of 'Rockland PPU'.  


Their vision would essentially create an entirely new district and create more chaos for our traffic, schools and way of life.  


Mayor Roy informed the Montreal Gazette -

“We start with Rockland. Then we plan to do Beaumont in 2021.


In subsequent years, we'll do all four entrances. ” 

Perhaps we should just permit parking down the middle of Rockland because with this kind of irresponsible planning, no one is going anywhere.

If Councilor Setlakwe continues the path she forged with Mayor Roy, we can expect thousands of new residents to be added to the top of Rockland. 

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Beaumont Rockland PPU poles.png


Road rage on Rockland is becoming more alarming every day. Pedestrians fear the speeding cars that race through red lights and swerve to avoid parked cars.


Bicyclists avoid the street altogether.


Last week there was a violent altercation between two angry drivers that resulted in police action. 

How could Town Council propose adding 2500 new residents to such a densely populated corridor?


Why didn’t they consider how it would impact the traffic flow and safety of the entire town?  I was among the 2,133 petitioners who sent urgent concerns to the Town Council. 


It doesn’t make sense to  chase the dreams of tax revenue and sacrifice our quality of life en route. 



If the CSMB builds a new French school near the Dunrae Gardens Elementary, just off Rockland, our road and safety conditions will continue to deteriorate.  


Hundreds of more cars and school buses will crowd the streets not far from Pierre Laporte High School.  


Rockland mall clearly needs attention. The parking garage is crumbling and many retail stores have closed in recent years.  


But first , Town of Mount Royal requires a ten-year urban plan instead of developing sections in rambling and disjointed order.  


We must anticipate how radical changes impact traffic, schools, infrastructure and municipal services.  Increased population means increased the demands on services like police, fire, and schools, all of which are beyond our municipal control.


We don't need 'spot' rezoning or 'spot' traffic analyzes.  


We need responsible urban planning.


What happens here directly impacts the access and safety of our entire town.  


Councilor Setlakwe's candidate doesn't even live on our east side of town.  


If elected on November 7 as councilor for District -

I promise to fight for our safety and security along Rockland and Markham and

above all, to ensure our quality of life.  



Antoine Tayar

Candidate for District 1

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