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Daniel Pilon holds a master's degree in urban planning from the Université de Montréal. He worked in the municipal world for for over 30 years before retiring two years ago.


As Director General of the MRC Les Moulins for 33 years, Daniel was involved in all aspects of urban planning, land use and transportation. He implemented an efficient and effective public transit system and created an adapted transportation service for people with disabilities and reduced mobility.


In the past, Daniel has been involved as a soccer coach and is now an active member of the city's recreation programs. He has also been involved with schools in VMR for many years as a parent volunteer and as a school council chair. He currently continues to volunteer with the community organization MultiCaf and the Rogers Cup.


Married with two grown children, Daniel has lived in VMR for 29 years. He is ready to serve his community as a District 3 Councilor on Peter Malouf's dynamic team, including 10-year planning for the development of our Garden City to maintain our quality of life.


Daniel and his many sporting friends wish to continue to enjoy his favorite sports (badminton, tennis and exercise) in a more suitable municipal facility as proposed by the  Équipe Peter Malouf for the new recreation center. 

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