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13 October 2021 | MONT-ROYAL

Équipe Peter Malouf

Press Release 

7 STEP ÉPM PLAN – Town of Mount Royal Sport Center 

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As I go door to door during this electoral campaign, friends and neighbours have been asking me why I refuse to respond to a campaign of lies against me by our current mayor and by my opposition.


Their actions represent blatant and offensive breaches of the  Municipal Ethics and Good Conduct Act of Town of Mount Royal.

My answer is simple – this electoral campaign is about you, not me or them.  And t’s about the future of our community.


As a life-long townie, I want to help drive the positive solutions desperately needed to protect our town.



My priority is the quality of life for our 23,000 friends, families and neighbours.


My credentials and my dedication to the town are well-established. 


From 2016 to 2021 under my opponent's supervision, the sport center budget was delayed repeatedly and redesigned until it finally exploded from the publicly approved $33M budget to the bid estimates in excess of $88 M in 2021. 


Now, after five long years and literally millions of tax dollars invested in architectural and design fees, TMR still has no sports center.

Équipe Peter Malouf has a plan.


We have the right experience.


For 16 years, I owned and operated Rockland Sport Indoor Tennis Squash and Fitness Center with 2500 members and approximately 70 staff.   Over the last 20 years, I created TMR’s summer tennis programs at Mohawk Park and coached every level of hockey and tennis.  


We truly deserve a Sports Center that will meet the needs of our community and will offer the programs residents want. My opponent was designing a facility for a much larger population – up to 30% larger –  in preparation for the condo projects planned for Royalmount and Rockland. 




Here are the critical first steps towards delivering our Sports Center on time and on budget and preserving our precious green space:

  1. Review existing contracts and obligations of the Town and audit all funds spent over the past 8 years on this project (since 2013)

  2. Determine changing age demographics to be sure we meet the needs of both the youngest and eldest of our community

  3. Engage the leadership of all sports teams, fitness programs and recreation services to understand their needs

  4. Reassess all existing sports facilities to evaluate their usage and remaining lifespan 

  5. Aggressively pursue additional government subsidies with the help of our provincial and federal allies

  6. Prepare intelligent Calls for Tenders that prevent tight restrictions on the bids (so we don’t accidentally prevent a qualified firm from submitting a proposal)

  7. Preserve our valuable and irreplaceable green space in Danyluk Park


These initial steps will be completed in our first few months.


This is why I recruited a diverse blend of professionals to Équipe Peter Malouf, including engineers, environmentalists, government relations and financial experts.

Other initiatives




The most physically divisive project in TMR history is the building of the REM. In 2019, I led the petition effort with 2000 residents and we successfully prevented the simultaneous demolition of Cornwall and Jean Talon bridges. 


As mayor, I will fight for our town’s right to be insulated against the sound, light and visual pollution of this project and to restore efficient cross-town access. 




I joined thousands of petition signers against the ill-conceived Rockland PPU. Thanks to the courageous townies who launched that initiative, we all learned about the town's rush towards increasing our population.


It is a bad idea to start increasing our population before understanding the impact this will have on our infrastructure, traffic, schools and public safety. 


As mayor, I will insist that all existing PPUs be suspended and future growth be considered within a comprehensive 20 year urban master plan.


Our team includes a municipal urban planner with 30 years of experience, and we have already started conversations with Montreal traffic experts who have 26 years of experience in transportation in Metropolitan Montreal.




Most of all, experience matters when we talk about managing the $100+ million budget of our town. I have had a career teaching finance, chairing boards of various educational institutions, creating strategic plans and managing strategic business investments in the US and Canada.  My team also includes an actuary, an economist and financial planner. 


Experience matters. You, your children and future generations matter. Équipe Peter Malouf is focused on effective solutions to make us stronger as a community and to ensure the quality of life in TMR. 


My team and I are always available to answer all your questions. 


Please vote for Équipe Peter Malouf and the ÉPM candidate in your district

Advanced voting October 30th and 31st

Election Day November 7 



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